Terms and Condition

  1. The registration form needs to be filled up complete in all respects to enable us to proceed with matchmaking. Any information/details not provided at the time of submitting the application will not be considered for matchmaking. Any information not available at the time of form filling should be provided within the next 15 days of having submitted the incomplete application, failing which the initial deposit made at the time of registration would stand forfeited.
  2. The right to verify the credentials of the proposed candidates shall be given to the applicant or his/her representative. 
  3. All the benefits arising from this Agreement will be withheld / forfeited / suspended if any particulars/information provided by the applicant are found to be false or incorrect, and if such false information comes to our notice action can be initiated against the applicant. 
  4. The application will be valid for a period of one year only. It can be renewed on a formal request alongwith payment of renewal fee prevailing at that time. 
  5. Responsibility of details and information provided by the applicant will be solely of the applicant. Vivaha Sutra will not be liable or held responsible for the same. 
  6. In case any wrong match is made due to any misrepresentation, Vivaha Sutra will not be liable or held responsible for the match. 
  7. Any match that does not meet the requirements of the candidate will not be considered as a proposal. 
  8. Any applicant failing to inform Vivaha Sutra about any changes in the information provided shall be suspended and not be considered. 
  9. If Vivaha Sutra finds any application to be against the interest of the company or against the interest of other applicants, then the right to alter, suspend or terminate that particular application lies solely with the management of Vivaha Sutra.
  10. Any or all of the basic/ancillary/complimentary services can be altered / added / modified /stopped at any time as per the discretion of the management of Vivaha Sutra.
  11. The concerned persons should consider it their duty to ensure that all eligible candidates have attained the age of majority at the time of their marriage. 
  12. Depending on the availability a maximum of twenty five options/ responses will be provided to each applicant after the first registration. 
  13. If the database does not have responses that correspond to the applicant's bio-data or match desired profile, then no obligation binds the management of Vivaha Sutra to provide a definite number of responses to any applicant
  14. If any applicant or his/her representative becomes aware of incorrect / false / fabricated information furnished by any other applicant, then the same should be brought to the notice of the management of Vivaha Sutra immediately.
  15. The right to consider/accept/reject any application lies solely with the management of Vivaha Sutra. 
  16. All disputes between the concerned parties will be settled in the Chandigarh Courts only and the provisions of the Arbitration Act will also be applicable.
  17. Registration / Membership Charges and any Processing Fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.