FAQ page

1. Do I need any documents at the time of free Registration?
    No documentation required at this stage.

2. Do I need any document for verified Registration ?

     Yes certain documents are necessary for Verified Registration at Vivaha Sutra. These are listed below -

  1. Self attested copy of your Passport photo page and current address page or Aadhar card as proof of residence.
  2. Certificate that shows your marital status.
  3. 1-2 of your best photos taken within the last 6 months including at least 1 full length photograph.
  4. Signed Agreement
  5. A copy of document certifies your current job Salary statement in case you are employed.
  6. if you are in business latest copy of ITR (Income Tax return) - self attested. 
  7. Self attested copies of your Educational Certificates.

3. Do I need documents for paid registration ?
    Paid registration is possible only after Verified Registration as described above.